Bats illuminated by lightning (video)

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mary helen bowers in russh magazine by stacey mark

Delta, WI | 10.14
I cannot merely be good enough because I am chased by the pernicious whispers that I might only be “good enough for a black woman.”

Roxane Gay
The Price of Black Ambition | VQR Online (via whiskeysoaked)

This is going to be changed, fixed, altered; I am not okay with this.

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"She graduated from Parsons in New York City. She studied design and media and technology.  All the while, she was creating zines that honored and strove for the acceptance of the complexities of our human brains.  While her focus was on the female brain, she began to realize there was no possible way to encompass all female brains in a satisfying way, without alienating the extreme or the boring, so she started making her zines in groups.  Groups of zines, where she would cover the aesthetics of different body parts in each one.  The toes, the knees, the cellulite, the nipple hairs, the moles, the lips, the eyes.  While a unique and sometimes strange execution, the zines became more and more popular.  They started in _______ and shocked many but were received with great enthusiasm eventually.  And in _______, the people went wild.  The people meaning about twenty of her new acquaintances.  

She was in a relationship that allowed her to be herself completely and feel comfortable.  She had already felt this way before diving into to a relationship but that fact that she was able to feel so good about who she was while sharing all her insecurities and vulnerabilities was amazing.  She and her beau were in a deep love that was committed and wonderful.  Warm hearts and acceptance.  Lots of laughter and positivity.  They would grow magically together, they would grow in their own individual way as well but they would also be held together by a divine bond.”

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I loved the part where he starts singing Bright Whites.

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Domestic worker’s afternoon off, Sunninghill, Sandton, 1999
David Goldblatt

Zeph in Paris